Retail specialized in Products and Services for Pets.

Central America and Southern Cone

Company Bio
The chain of stores specialized in products and services for pets has been in the market for over 20 years and has recently launched Puppis One, the first prepaid coverage service for veterinary services. Its main footprint is in Argentina and Colombia, growing markets where the item reaches U$S 3500 million dollars.

"From the beginning, we had the objective of taking the experience of the pet market to another level, in the same way that it is done in developed markets. Together with INAMIKA that vision is being made possible, in an effective and consolidated way."

Pipa Nogaro,
Puppis CEO

Initial challenges

  • In the context of a chain in regional expansion, the heterogeneity and complexity of the information among the diverse software products, generated an overload in the maintenance, forcing to duplicate manual processes and to deviate resources.
  • To achieve a central regional technological platform, without losing focus on the defined processes of each country, customizing the operation according to each local market.
  • Attention and maintenance of legacy platform of the business core, while developing its "next-generation".


  • The unification of processes and data.
  • The implementation of the orchestration concept.
  • The development of order management, services and repurchase of products.
  • The incorporation of new services from extended functionalities.

Puppis One Puppis One is the first prepaid coverage of veterinary services, integrating to its proposal a Benefits Club with discounts in food, accessories, pharmacy and vaccines, from different plans. The platform includes appointment booking and online store segmented by proximity of the user/client to the chain's premises.

The dynamics


Puppis ONE / VET Puppis ONE / VET Development of the care system of the social work of pets, valued and dimensioned as people, components of the enlarged family.

Extended Functionalities Incorporation of Services. Identification of the pet with its related file, reservation/assignment of shifts and vaccination calendar with configured alerts.


Launching in Colombia Incorporation of the Re-purchase System: a development that allows to provide better service to customers, starting the launch in Colombia. It is strategically defined as a facilitation for periodic consumption, such as food and other frequently used inputs.

Order Management Solution (OMS) Development of the Order Management, conceived as an orchestrator of the follow-up of the order of the clients, granting to the business an omnicanal with the orders, in such a way that it is possible to order by telephone, to pay in the web and to withdraw in the place.


Outsourcing In organizations where the product is a commodity and differentiation comes from service and customer relationship management, the Systems area, in its critical mission is absorbed by the dynamics of the "here and now" of a 24/7 business. For this reason, a technological partner becomes an external innovation manager, collaborating with the task of innovating and improving systems with a medium-term roadmap, in a collaborative manner with the internal Systems area, attentive to the immediate situation and emergencies.

Artificial Intelligence Integration of AI with Amazon processes, implementing libraries, to apply them to sales forecasting, demand and stock. It is a predictive model of Sales, Demand and Supply.

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