Software products and IT services are a business solution only when their development is integrated into the company's digital ecosystem, to reduce costs and increase revenues.


Enterprise software

Business solutions and digital convergence

Enterprise software

Business solutions for the real economy in the digital universe for management not contemplated by traditional ERP and CRM, generating a modern, collaborative and integrated experience.


Apps & mobile commerce

Mobile commerce and marketing applicationsg

Apps & mobile commerce

Development of applications for iOS and Android platforms, oriented towards marketing and mobile commerce transactions, focusing on the user experience and integration with financial institutions, legacy systems and heterogeneous environments.


Documentary Management and Signature

Electronic Signature Management Platform for Contracts and Commercial Documents

Documentary Management and Signature

Cloud-based platform that allows users to register and prove their identity, generating contracts or commercial documents between several parties, without the need for physical presence.


The services and products become solutions from their concrete implementation in the market, with their own visibility and identity, applied to the value proposal of the specific business.

Risk Management & Compliance

Software solution for organizations that need to configure a digital repository, compile policies and standards, train their members, automate communication and report the level of compliance.

Electronic signature management

Management platform to confirm an agreement of contracts and commercial documents. It involves the registration of the parties, the simple electronic signature, notarized or digital, and - finally - the download as an immaterial storage.

Field management

Technological solution that allows to register, integrate and consolidate the environmental conditions, the use of machinery, the state or consumption of inputs and the administration of own or third party accesses, together with other control variables in a modern field management.

Electronic recipe with digital signature

Joint solution of INAMIKA and C&S for an Electronic Recipe platform with end-to-end traceability based on blockchain and proof-of-delivery. It solves the digital prescription of medicines, practices and treatments together with the dispensation of pharmacies and the final reception by the patient.

Shift management system

Shift management system and orchestrator of physical resources, equipment, people, inputs and spaces for the maximization of efficiency in time and processes remotely.

Total Quality Management

Mobile and centralized solution to deploy a quality management system oriented to Hospitality and Leisure, nourished by customer interactions, news and tasks. It builds a 360 vision, generating quality indicators of the operation.


The application of distributed accounting systems, artificial intelligence engines and quantum computing equipment is reshaping the way we generate value and conduct business around the world.




Distributed accounting systems based on block technology with state-of-the-art cryptography and uncensored distributed platforms provide a new way of approaching the world of crypto-money, digital wallets and the exchange of goods and services based on intelligent contracts. INAMIKA develops solutions based on the application of tokenization algorithms and communication protocols for blockchain nodes.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

This is, finally, a technological stage in which intelligent systems for analysis, decision or task execution, through machine or deep learning processes, provide business solutions that go far beyond the mere exploration of statistical alternatives and algorithmic results of traditional computing. INAMIKA applies its own practices based on the development of expert systems and neural networks for computational learning in order to improve and expand the results of new or existing business solutions.


Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing

If it is possible to measure the effect of the emergence of electricity replacing steam in the industrial revolution, then one has a perspective of the even greater paradigm shift that the application of quantum computing brings about in the second computer revolution of the 21st century. INAMIKA participates in one of the biggest initiatives of real application of quantum computing to commercial and business projects.


Learn about some of the success stories of companies that trusted INAMIKA to grow in digital convergence.

The Team

Get to know the people who support each project with their knowledge and vocation of understanding towards the clients.

Rodolfo Alejandro Giro

Founding Partner

Marco Villasboa Lanusse


Gustavo Ángel Riesgo


Pablo Martín Maceri


Nicolás Aguirrezarobe

Development Manager

Ten years of experience as a developer of different technologies and business verticals He is in charge of architectural decisions and resource management. His mission is to lead the development teams, enhancing the delivery of robust, innovative solutions, aware of good practices and aligned with customer expectations.

Mariano Bonilla

Services Manager

IT professional with more than twenty years of experience in medium and large scale implementations Enthusiastic of the creative process that solves, collaborates and optimizes the challenges of the business processes. His mission is to be the enabling bridge between business and technology, offering an integral vision with knowledge and skill.

Juan Manuel Pingeon

Project Manager

Functional Analyst specialized in Project Management with more than ten years of experience in medium and large scale projects. Specialist in methodologies for a correct articulation between the client's requirements and its business and the IT professionals involved in the development of the solution.

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