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Company bio
Service company with 25 years of operation. Integrator of wills, efforts and capital to develop neighborhoods, houses, apartments and other real estate investment projects.

"The platform developed and supported by INAMIKA is the result of years of work and investment, which positions EIDICO as a pioneer in the development of neighborhoods and housing developments in the country, and also as a leader in real estate transactions on the Internet."

Patricio Andrés Lanusse,

Initial challenges

  • It is not possible to translate the entire business cycle of real estate development into the online world.
  • Real estate transactions are best done face-to-face and on paper.
  • It is difficult to integrate in the same site scribes, real estate agencies and owners, along with all the information needed to perform the respective operations.


  • Security in the transactions.
  • Gather and organize all the information of the neighborhoods, lots and properties, in one place.
  • Keep the system and data always updated online in real time.
  • Integration with neighborhood administrations, real estate agencies, and offices.
  • Customer service and proactive communication server

Eidicom is a multi-service online platform that allows both company clients and third parties to make subscriptions, sales, rentals and transfers

Eidicom allows the publication of a property (lot, house or investment project) and access to other properties with complete information of each proposal: values, financing, plans and access to properties that are not yet published.

Through the section ¨Mi Cuenta¨ you can manage the properties and access: online account summary, payment accreditation, customer service chat, monthly report and expense settlement.

At ¨lanzamientos¨ information on all new projects is gathered with interactive maps and photographs.

Finally, through the section ¨cesiones online¨, changes of ownership can be made, with the active participation of real estate agents and writers.




It was born with the aim of generating a new sales channel for customers, supported by our brand.



Eidicom incorporates the administrative process that follows a sale (assignment of contract, payment of signatures, etc.). The objective was to complement the Market Place with the option of carrying out online the administrative requirements and transfer of ownership of a property. With this stage the "transactional world of Eidico" became 100% digital.
Tasks involved: Processes were identified, alternatives were analyzed to digitize each one and automate our administrative system. It was integrated to the real estate and writing companies.



The portals is a persistent tool to Eidicom, through which owners access, with username and password, the following information about their property: account status, progress report, news, photos and videos. In this stage both sites (Portals and market) were unified, also unifying the users and passwords, to facilitate user access.
Tasks involved: We worked on the integration of both sites, thinking of a better interaction and navigation for the user. With two objectives: on the one hand, that the client could have more and better access to the information of his project and on the other hand, to be able to follow and measure the use of the functionality of the platform, and how the users consume the information. In other words, to know what the client chooses to know about his project.


Historically, our subscription model was face-to-face. We were known for our long lines of people who arrived a day before the launch date to access their lot. We would join the wait with night guards, mate and coffee. Our challenge was to move the face-to-face experience into the digital realm, without losing sight of it. And while the real estate market maintained its trend in face-to-face transactions, we decided to bet on an interactive map where each user could choose their lot, from any place and at any time of day. From Eidicom, the user can book with credit card, complete the data for the contract and schedule the signing of the contract. The first launch was a success and we were surprised by the response of the people.
Tasks involved: Virtual plane development, training of the sales team to provide online support throughout the subscription process. Development of software for follow-up and communication with the prospect.



Three years after the launch of Eidicom, we wanted to renew the design and perfect the usability. In addition, we thought about adapting 100% to the mobile world by creating a PPP to facilitate entry from the phone.
Tasks involved: Design and development of the app for iOS and Android. The processes to be incorporated into the mobile application were analyzed and identified. User accounts, owner account summary, market publications and online transfers were integrated into the app.

Interactive plan of all Eidico projects


The interactive map had proven to be a successful tool for launches, so we decided to replicate it for resale and add that technology to help the secondary market. The buyer can see on the map which lots are for sale in Eidicom. He can also, with Eidico as an intermediary, contact the owner of a property that is not yet published to bring him offers. The aim was to transfer the search experience we had achieved with the launches to the resale. From the interactive masterplan, the panoramic view of the neighborhood and the search for the lot.
Tasks involved: Development of interactive navigation from the digital level of the project. Automatic update of available and offered units.


We continue to bet on the growth of online subscriptions and add a new launch of departments. With this launch, an alliance with Mercado Libre was born. What did this alliance mean? Always thinking about the benefit of the user, we proposed:

  • Automatic replication: the Eidico client can replicate the Eidicom publication in Mercado Libre. In Eidicom you have precise information, updated photos, the interactive map and in Mercado Libre, with a much greater visibility of your publication.
  • Preferential rate: the Eidico client can access the Free Market GOLD publication at a reduced rate.




In the first semester of 2018 we set out to generate a first step in improvements for owners and accesses to their reports and videos. This does not help to have statistics of report openings and video views and to generate the campaigns looking for owners to be informed.
Also during this year we worked on technological improvements of the whole site and its platforms.



In addition to studying projects as a digital signature, we are completing the full integration of the portals and generate better communication and more attractive information.

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